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A railway junction


AMX Linear Module

Designed for comprehensive asset management, this module effortlessly handles diverse Rail related assets.

The AMX Rail Module: Designed in partnership with our rail clients, the AMX solution can support the management of all rail assets from Plain Line track and S&T assets to fencing and vegetation. Record and view your comprehensive inventory. Manage all inspections, capturing measurements, condition and defect details, including automatic chainage setting, enabling prioritisation of works. Carry out complex tasks such as rail insertion/splitting with a single click, and view all your assets on the inbuilt interactive map for easy visualisation. Hold details such as line speed restrictions, Gross tonnage, Route and line sections and chainage for each asset, whether it be point, line or polygon. Why not streamline your asset management with the AMX Rail Module.

AMX Standard Features


  • In-depth, customisable reports

  • Lifecycle Planning

  • Budget Management & Forecast

  • Big Data Capacity


  • Import all existing data

  • Mapping with NSG, GIS

  • API for third-party system connection

  • You customise for your needs


  • Android, iOS, Windows

  • Tablets and Phones

  • Online/Offline synchronisation

  • Real-time data access


  • Cloud-based

  • Enterprise Desktop

  • AMX Mobile

  • Hosted solution available

Image by Aleksandr Popov

Asset Types

✓ Railways (eg.tracks, ballast, sleepers)

✓ Fencing and Vegetation

✓ Level Crossings and Stations

✓ Tunnels (eg. buildings, highways)

✓ Cabling (eg. utilities, safety, pylons)

✓ Electrification and Bridges

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AMX Software is being utilised by Translink to manage its rail infrastructure asset information. It is meeting our operational and legislative requirements for a whole life asset management system. The software is providing efficient and effective solutions for the maintenance of asset information, inspection, planning, defect logging and work order management. The solution is highly configurable, well supported and is meeting the organisations high performance standards in both desktop and mobile environments.

Patrick McGarry, 
Infrastructure Digital Project Manager, 


linear module
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