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Consulting Civil Engineers

With combined expertise and an international understanding of local challenges – engineering consultants choose AMX. Across the globe, consultants are appointed to provide engineering management and specialist technical services to improve the longevity of transport networks in both the public and private sectors. To deliver a cost-effective solution and manage network growth, it is imperative to incorporate Asset Management into their proposal. Increasingly, consultants recognise the need to partner with service providers that not only understand their technical challenges but also deliver appropriate and scalable solutions, a need that AMX is uniquely positioned to fulfill.


In recent years, due to the rapid growth and development in infrastructure, demand for advanced and focused asset maintenance management in the transport sector has presented challenging opportunities, with forward-thinking businesses seeking the right software solution from the outset.

As a business, AMX has actively sought to collaborate with consultants in this sector to deliver a powerful, flexible mobile system that supports the client's current and future needs. Over the years, AMX has been appointed to work with consultants across all continents and provide the right management system for a large variety of transport infrastructure projects. Following successful partnerships with Fluor, Mott MacDonald and other consultants, AMX has been presented as the Bridge Maintenance Management System (BMMS) solution to Transport Authorities in other countries worldwide. Globally, tens of thousands of highway structures of varying complexities are now managed using AMX.

Why choose AMX?

Puts you in control

Customise at design stage

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The flexibility and configurable nature of the system means it can be designed to fit projects right from the initial BIM and design phase, rather than reverse engineered afterward.

Puts you in control


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With a substantial number of years of development behind it and multiple forms for delivery to your client, AMX is a system that can scale in line with projects and provide a stable platform to support growth.

Puts you in control

Incorporate into methodologies

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The variation of processes from different organisations and countries can be easily adopted

Puts you in control
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Due to its configurable functionality, a core version of the system is available which can then be licensed and tailored to many different customer projects for whom your organisation might be working.

Transferable to multiple clients

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"Customised to suit the national requirements including translation into the Albanian language, AMX Solutions Ltd implemented the BMS in an entirely satisfactory and professional manner."

Andrew Welch, Project Manager, Mott MacDonald

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