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Government Sponsored Bodies

Rarely do these types of organisations use an off-the-shelf application to deliver their asset management plans. In this regard, AMX's flexible, configurable nature helps build a unique system designed specifically around the organisation's needs. AMX helps deliver everything from day-to-day operations to an enterprise level, providing a holistic and multi-departmental view of asset inventory, values, and maintenance.

Why choose AMX?


Long-term expansion

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AMX is a future-proof solution, putting you in control so when your requirements or needs change, or you are asked to look after those extra assets, you can do it! Add new asset classes, design some new forms and create those extra reports, all without any IT support. AMX is your solution.



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In our experience, once the real value and potential of AMX is identified, our clients have chosen to evolve and expand the use of the system to manage their other assets, in most cases with little or no support from our team. We take pride in our customers taking control of their own solutions and driving them forward within their organisation.


One system fits all

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It is common within a large organisation for each department/team to have their own specific requirements, however the core asset management principles remain: Inventory, inspections, maintenance and reporting. With AMX, you can standardise the core asset data fields and processes, whilst including each team’s specific requirements making it work at both the operational/team level and the strategic/management level.

Stock Exchange Background

With a history of working with the Public Sector, we understand the systems and protocols for procuring new software. Our team is well prepared to answer all questions and tick all the necessary boxes to make the buying process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Some systems are available on G Cloud, as we are a recognised Crown Commercial Services Supplier.

Meets procurement requirements

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Wales Countryside

"Bringing together all of our Flood Asset information into AMX, will allow us to make better decisions on how we spend public money to maintain our flood assets to protect people and property from flooding."

Gareth Jones, Project Manager, Natural Resources Wales

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