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Who We Are

We endeavour to provide high-quality asset management software that precisely meets customer needs. We prioritise product development and responsive support for powerful, flexible, innovative solutions tailored to your operations. Having started as a small, tightly-knit operation, AMX has grown significantly into a talented core team while retaining that united team spirit. We are proud to have a diverse and highly skilled workforce that pulls together to help AMX and our clients succeed!

AMX Logo

What We Do

AMX Solutions Ltd is an established, independent UK-based company specialising in developing enterprise asset management solutions in the infrastructure sector. With an in-house background in engineering, IT, and asset management, we understand the complex challenges faced by asset managers and provide solutions designed to support each aspect of asset management across every level of the business.

AMX Logo

Our Technology

Operating across a wide range of market sectors worldwide, the company's focus has always been to provide high-quality, easy-to-use software solutions that empower users to take control of their asset management operations. Working collaboratively with our clients, we strive to provide a foundation for achieving success and delivering a return on investment.

AMX seamlessly integrates with existing systems and supports various IT environments, accessible across Desktop, Web, and Mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). It's user-friendly to implement, with strong encryption for data security. Enjoy quick starts, bulk import, and competitive licensing with discounts for bulk purchases.

Experience comprehensive reporting with configurable visuals, parent-child asset relationships, and chart visualisations for KPI management. Built-in email automation streamlines notifications and alerts. Manage finances effortlessly, set KPIs, generate reports, and customise the design—Personalize AMX with custom branding, tailored data entry, and granular user permission definitions.

Our AMX software platform adapts to changing needs. It offers real-time data access and supports online and offline working—cloud-based hosting solutions backed by dedicated support and a detailed FAQ portal. Unleash efficiency and take control today!

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Since 2004, AMX has seen rapid expansion from within the UK to Europe and beyond – now in use across three continents. From Local Councils to State Departments, Private Civil Engineering Consultants to National Contractors – AMX has been used to manage large and small bridges, major highways, national flood risk programmes, and more. The versatility of the software allows for its application across multiple sectors and adaptation to accommodate unique requirements. Read more about how it has benefitted some of our customers already.

Meet The Leadership

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