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Aerial View of Flood

Flood Infrastructure

AMX Flood Module

An advanced solution for streamlined visual inspections and comprehensive condition capture.

The AMX Flood Module: A powerful yet simple solution to support all elements of managing Flood Risk Management Assets. Alongside the standard inventory, inspection and maintenance management you would expect, this module enables users to control every aspect of incident management holding location details for a map view of incidents, capturing details of all responses and recording all critical data such as flood impact and details of properties affected. Users can also record and manage consenting applications and Sustainable Drainage Approval Applications, with AMX you can log all applications and manage them from submission, through implementation / build and inspection to final adoption of the new drainage assets. There is so much more to the Flood module, including hot spot inspections, weather event management, PSRA assessments etc. so why not ask us for more details.

AMX Standard Features


  • In-depth, customisable reports

  • Lifecycle Planning

  • Budget Management & Forecast

  • Big Data Capacity


  • Import all existing data

  • Mapping with NSG, GIS

  • API for third-party system connection

  • You customise for your needs


  • Android, iOS, Windows

  • Tablets and Phones

  • Online/Offline synchronisation

  • Real-time data access


  • Cloud-based

  • Enterprise Desktop

  • AMX Mobile

  • Hosted solution available

Concrete Barriers

Asset Types

✓ Aids to Navigation (eg. Buoys, Dolphins)

✓ Instruments (eg. Telemetry, field devices)

✓ Beach Structures (eg. Groynes)

✓ Land (eg. Saltmarsh)

✓ Buildings (eg. Pumphouses)

✓ Major Civils (eg. Piers)

✓ Channels (eg. Gullys, culverts)

✓ PSRA (eg. Signs, fences)

✓ Channel Crossings (eg. Slipways, bridges)

✓ Sites (eg. Reservoirs)

✓ Defences (eg. Coastal walls, embankments)

✓ Structures (eg. Jetties, outfalls)

Image by Neil Mark Thomas

Bringing together all of our Flood Asset information into AMX, will allow us to make better decisions on how we spend public money to maintain our flood assets to protect people and property from flooding.

Gareth Jones, Project Manager – Natural Resources Wales


Powys Lake


AMX Linear Module
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