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AMX Linear Module

Designed for linear asset management, this module easily helps you keep track of all your interconnected linear assets.

The AMX Linear Module: Designed for comprehensive asset management, this module effortlessly handles the complexities of linear assets such as canals, waterways and footpaths. Assets can be automatically split into defined length sections for inspection and condition monitoring with the Mobile solution enabling on site capture of defects whether they be on the linear asset itself or a related asset along its path such as bin or bench. Users can GIS locate all defects and add images to ensure work teams can accurately locate and respond to issues with correct resources. Schedule and carry out maintenance activities along your assets in single work orders adding details of environmental restrictions and access routes.

AMX Standard Features


  • In-depth, customisable reports

  • Lifecycle Planning

  • Budget Management & Forecast

  • Big Data Capacity


  • Import all existing data

  • Mapping with NSG, GIS

  • API for third-party system connection

  • You customise for your needs


  • Android, iOS, Windows

  • Tablets and Phones

  • Online/Offline synchronisation

  • Real-time data access


  • Cloud-based

  • Enterprise Desktop

  • AMX Mobile

  • Hosted solution available

Waterfront street

Asset Types

✓ Canals and Waterways – including waterways, footpaths, locks, gates, buildings, signs etc

✓ Railways – tracks, points, M&E

✓ Roads and Footpaths – ownership, rights of way, materials, condition

✓ Drainage and Pipes – components, access points

✓ Tunnels – M&E, buildings, highways, personnel

✓ Cabling – utilities, safety, pylons, metering stations

And more...

Image by Malcolm Colegate

The staff who have been involved in the testing of AMX have found it more user friendly and intuitive than previous systems with a user interface that is better and easier to navigate.

Andrew Stevenson, Asset & Programme Manager, Scottish Canals (2012)


Falkirk Wheel from the Air


AMX Flood module
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