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Local Authorities 

Local Authorities have widely used AMX for many years. While our origins lay in Bridge Asset Management, AMX evolved to meet its customers' needs and manage other departments, including highways, flood, drainage, and street lighting.


We understand the challenges facing Local Authorities responsible for delivering asset management plans for their local community on finite budgets and with limited resources. This is alongside the increasing burden of reporting on state and progress to meet legislation and regulatory requirements and funding applications.

With AMX in your organisation, we help you from the ground up, from managing your day-to-day operations to generating detailed reports for management and finance.


For the convenience of our UK government organisations, we are proud that in July 2018, AMX was officially listed on the G Cloud Framework. This significant development simplifies the procurement process for new software applications, expedites implementation, and enables experts to start using AMX more quickly.

Why choose AMX?



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AMX has been designed to give you control of your finances. You can use cost codes, schedules of rates, and estimated / actual costs to manage your activities, from single maintenance actions to large-scale projects. AMX can help you whether you want to streamline your operations or generate reports to support your funding applications.

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With the inbuilt reporting tools in AMX, whether you want to see the progress of your maintenance actions, review your asset conditions, or create management-level reports to assist in funding applications, you can do it. Adding charts for visualisation and creating print templates to include headers, logos, and introductory text are all simple and achievable within AMX.





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With AMX, you can capture details of claims, track progress, and produce the supporting documentation (including formal reports on inspections, defects, and maintenance actions) to manage the process all within one system.

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 As a recognised Crown Commercial Services Supplier our solutions are all available on G Cloud, simplifying procurement and contract award. 

Crown Commercial

Service Supplier

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"AMX is brilliant. It has improved the way we work; we are much more efficient. Linking photos to defects on site has saved back-office work with digital cameras and Word documents. Now, defects are simply emailed to different departments through AMX—we should have done it years ago!"

Nicola Bound, Highways Safety Inspector Cardiff

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