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We understand that the idea of changing software can cause concern and resistance throughout an organisation's culture and team cohesion. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your implementation runs as effortlessly as possible. To do this, your organisation will be assigned a primary account manager and supporting team with experience of software implementation to work through the process with you in line with your own distinct implementation strategy, IT specifications, budget allowances and deadlines.

Our goal is to empower our clients to achieve the best results in their role and for their organisation. With experience across IT, Civil Engineering and Asset Management, our team of experts can help support customisation and development of the software either to fit existing processes and procedures and or contribute ideas and best practice knowledge gained from other projects to improve efficiency.

You are the expert for your company and we are experts in the software to help you deliver against your commitments, responsibilities and targets. It's vital that we approach new projects with a collaborative attitude, open communication and clear brief to successfully reach a positive outcome.


Getting Started

Keen to know what happens when you're ready to proceed? Take a look at our simple onboarding process which explains what to expect.

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Technical Specifications

Want to satisfy your IT department that this is the right solution? Give them a copy of our technical specification to help answer any geeky questions.


System Architecture

Want some examples of how AMX can fit into your IT environment? Here are a couple of examples. This structure can be designed around existing networks.


“It’s been a refreshing change working with AMX, I wish all 3rd parties were as helpful and as easy to get along with as they have been. Certainly bodes well for the future of AMX”

Dave Shields, Contact Services Development Team, City of Cardiff Council



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