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Street Lighting Asset Management

Street Lighting and associated electrical highway asset management by its very nature is complex. With exceedingly high volumes of assets, intricate connectivity and a tendency for unexpected faults and failures any system needs to be comprehensive, flexible and enable quick solutions. AMX puts you in control, from a quick response to daily fault reports to strategic oversight of KPI management, ensuring you have accurate, up to date information to ensure your region stays switched on.





Time to repair, completed inspections, pass rates, conditions scores, etc

Ability to hold large numbers of assets with relevant comprehensive detail which improves the quality of data stored

To support all reporting requirements from Charge Code submission to APSE reports, with exportable charts, graphs and maps

To handle fault reports from multiple sources with differing priorities and allocate repair tasks to appropriate teams (internal or external)

For quick and accurate data capture and response

To meet various scheduling approaches including risk based frequency calculations

Asset Types

Light Units (incl LED)

Feeder Pillars

Illuminated Signs



Subway and Building Lights

Zebra and School Crossings

Traffic Signals

Any electrical element on a Highway

And many more...

Plus AMX Standard Features

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  • In-depth, customisable reports
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Budget Management & Forecast
  • Big Data Capacity
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  • Import all existing data
  • Mapping with NSG, GIS
  • API for third-party system connection
  • You customise for your needs
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  • Android, iOS, Windows
  • Tablets and Phones
  • Online/Offline synchronisation
  • Real-time data access
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  • Cloud-based
  • Enterprise Desktop
  • AMX Mobile
  • Hosted solution available


"We have been very impressed by AMX’s new Street Lighting module. Our Inspectors are now using mobile tablets and we have gone paperless. The Asset Management Team have also been glad to consolidate the number of systems, with AMX providing the flexibility and ability to evolve the service as needed. The usability of AMX has enabled us to improve our service and make significant savings for our client."

Richard Perkins, Asset Management Team Leader, Balfour Beatty Living Places


Balfour Beatty Living Places & AMX:
The core of Herefordshire's success
Case Study


Combine with

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Bridges & Structures

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Comprehensive database system for logging, reporting and actioning response to incidents


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AMX Mobile

Asset Management Software to remote working for inventory, maintenance and operations




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