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September 2015: Walsh Infrastructure implements AMX for Pennsylvania Bridges contract

PennDOT identified a need to replace and maintain 558 bridges across the state and initiated the Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Project (RBR). They awarded the contract for design, construction and upkeep to Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners. Walsh Infrastructure Management (WIM) are the maintenance provider within the consortium and are responsible for all bridge inspections, bridge washing activities, maintenance and rehabilitation as part of this 25 year contract. After extensive research and comparison, and following a successful tender, WIM appointed Asset Management Expert (AMX) as the software provider for their ongoing Bridge Maintenance programme across all 558 bridges.

We’re excited to announce that in August 2015 the system went live with the first bridge being managed within AMX, and will continue to be implemented for all bridges, the last one being due for handover in December 2017. Two key features of the system for this project are 1) the Web Application which allows all the people involved in the project, and the client PennDOT, to log-in, view and update data; and 2) mobile application allowing data collection on site in remote/rural areas where internet connection may not be available.

Randy Morgan of WIM says “As an Asset Management firm, Walsh Infrastructure Management is responsible for multiple asset management contracts with a wide variety of asset owners. Owner-specific requirements have always forced compromises with “one size fits all” applications. The flexibility of AMX to use one common system while managing a wide range of asset types and presenting different data views and reports specifically tailored to each individual contract is a significant benefit. By configuring data entry forms and reports to simplify the work for our field personnel while matching the specific requirements of the contract enhances the quality of our results and improves our efficiency. Monthly reports that used to take days to compile and validate can now be completed and “owner ready” within a couple of hours.”

AMX MD Saeid Naelini says “We are looking forward to developing our relationship with the WIM team and implementing AMX across more states in the US. It's great to work with a large, reputable engineering contractor who brings a wealth of experience in this sector and provides us with a good opportunity to learn from the diverse challenges faced across the US and give us scope to consistently improve AMX functionality to deliver results across the globe.”