Asset Management Software

October 2021: APSE Southern Regional Advisory Highways & Street Lighting

Yesterday, Karen King our business development manager presented to the South region of the APSE membership at their Highways and Street Lighting advisory board.

The theme of the presentation was 'Making Street Manager work for you'. It is widely agreed that Street Manager is a huge step forward replacing EToN, but it will never do everything you need either as an Authority or Promotor to provide sufficient information around managing your physical highways assetts.

It is key to ensure that you have a collaborative and holistic approach to managing all parts of asset data information to allow for the approproate co-ordination of streetworks and all that that involves.

Therefore any Asset Management Software solution you have in place must:

  • Integrate with Street Manager using API
  • Integrate with other mapping solutions such as
  • Have the ability to be custom configured to support all your reporting and new attribute needs and
  • Remain up to date to evolve along side future Street Manager enhancements