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May 2022: AMX User Group - Hybrid success

Big thanks to everyone who supported our inaugural Hybrid User Group event in May.

With over 40 visitors and a further 55 remotely logging in we were delighted to be able to run the event without too many glitches! We’re especially grateful to our guest speakers from Environment Agency, Milton Keynes Council, Gaist and Previsico for sharing insights into future developments and strategies within the industry.

The presentations are available to view on the customer portal

Your feedback from these events is always greatly appreciated and it appears the breakout sessions are very popular, so we are considering ways of running more of these.

You also want to hear more from users about specific AMX features and applications. We’d love to support this and in order to facilitate wider knowledge sharing, we need volunteers to come forward and contribute suggestions and their own AMX highlights. Please do get in touch via Karen, with your ideas and willingness to participate, so that effective processes and tips can be collated and made available to everyone.

Milton Keynes presentation

Clifton Suspension Bridge Vault Tour

Sector Breakout session