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June 2017:Pay & Display Parking Meters at City of Cardiff Council

The City Operations Team at City of Cardiff Council recently adapted their AMX system to include inventory, fault monitoring and maintenance for all their Pay & Display meters across the City. 

Matt Harrison of the Civil Enforcement Team says: "We are using it to record the pay and display meters across the city and to log any faults which occur, our staff who go out to repair any faults use the Mobile app on their tablet to record the fault details. 

"AMX has improved our record-keeping for the pay and display meters and being able to keep the details up-to-date easily. It has also improved our record-keeping for the faults which occur, as previous records were on paper, it was tedious to find any queries which may arise. Now it is simple to look-up a variety of fields to resolve any queries quickly. We require this because if someone based their appeal against a parking fine because of a fault with a machine, we now have clear and easy to access records. This has also resolved illegible handwriting. 

"The best thing about AMX is that it can all be recorded in one place and can run reports easily and it has been customised to what we require. We are looking at expanding and recording enforcement signage."