Asset Management Software

July 2021: Project Go Live – Environment Agency AIMS:OM

We’re very pleased to announce that in June the release of the first phase of the AIMS Upgrade project on behalf of the Environment Agency was completed.

This is the most in depth and comprehensive deployment of the AMX Web application in the company’s history. With the ability to manage nearly one million assets, handle 1000+ users via web and 2000 + mobile devices across a national network of officers, the improvements and enhancements demanded by this project have contributed significantly to reenforcing AMX as market-leading Asset Management system.

Some of the new features introduced to AMX as part of this project include:

  • Hosting and Security upgrades
  • Significant improvements to AMX Mobile for iOS
  • Risk Based Allocation Management
  • Enhanced Location mapping, including spatially calculated fields.
  • High Volume Data imports


The project has been a massive team effort across all areas of the business, with developers, architects, testers, trainers and project managers all contributing and leading to the continued expansion of our team. The response so far from the Environment Agency users on the ground has been extremely positive and the first week yielding less than 10 support tickets. The next phase of the project will explore the other departments with the EA and potential Lifecycle Planning elements of Asset Management. We look forward to working closely and collaboratively with the EA in the coming months and years.