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August 2018: Fit for the Future - Bridge Design & Engineering Article

Following on from our "Top 10 benefits of customisable bridge management software" piece, AMX Solutions MD Saeid Naelini expanded further on how Bridge Management Systems need to cope with the advancing technologies within the industry and drawing on recent international experience from AMX's clients in Middle East, North America and Asia. Bridge Design and Engineering ( published the Fit for the Future article on Pg76 of their 92nd Edition just released this month. Here's a snippet from the article:

“Often organisations find themselves restricted by the limited functionality of an off-the-shelf system that is only intended to fit one particular need, output or regulation — and these are always changing. Such limitations force compromises that only serve to increase frustration for users, curb potential for change and deny stakeholders opportunities for growth. Continued innovation in bridge management has seen the introduction of new scanning methods, measuring tools and monitoring equipment, and the scale of projects has led to an ever-increasing range of asset types and a demand for even greater detail. Modifications to social and environmental policies have led to an introduction of new compliance guidelines, and economic pressures have prompted the value of assets to be reconsidered, such as a bridge being considered a tourist attraction rather than just a functional object.”

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