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Apr 2022: AMX is a Climate Positive Business

picture of earthly logo

AMX has been taking steps over the last few months to become a Climate Positive through an organisation called Earthly, who have helped us in calculating our carbon footprint as a company, and then gone on to help supply us with Carbon Credits through the support of a project centred around Amazon Rainforest reforestation and protection from deforestation in Madre De Dios in Peru.

The project focuses on a sustainable market for Forest Brazil Nuts which on top of the environmental benefits helps provide support for around 400 local families, additionally the protection of this rainforest area known as Peru’s capital of biodiversity, greatly supports local wildlife which consists of some of the world’s rarest fauna.

AMX has directly contributed to the removal of 98.76 Tonnes of Carbon (through the support 142,017 square meters of forest (Roughly 35 Acres) which is 10% more carbon than we omit as a company, taking us beyond Carbon Neutral to become Climate Positive.

Whilst this is fantastic news, our work does not stop and there will always be improvements that we will seek to make as individuals and as a company to continue reducing our emissions and environmental impact into the future. We're excited to be on this journey and welcome ideas to help us move forward into a new era of sustainability and climate consciousness!