Asset Management Software

April 2021: Major Milestone for NRW project

In February 2019, AMX was awarded a contract to deliver a system to support the management and protection of plants and species (features) across Wales. The complex system, split into two phased deliverables, has been designed to support the following key business operations:

1) Legal Designation of Protected Sites such as SSSI’s, SAC’s, SPA’s and record non-legal designated sites such as AONB, National Parks, Marine Conservation Zones.

2) Management of those large protected geographical areas and the species within them using smaller manageable units and their associated practical agreements with stakeholders to ensure the survival of the protected feature.

3) Monitoring of the health of those features and recording evidence through regular scheduled actions in line with governmental reporting requirements.

This month, the first phase covering parts 1 and 2 of these operations has successfully launched within NRW and is now in use for looking after almost 2000 Protected Areas. The project is a great reflection not only of the versatility of AMX as a system to manage physical objects and regular maintenance, but also testament to the long-standing, collaborative relationship with Natural Resources Wales and other similar organisations.