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April 2020: AMX still fully operational during Lockdown

Here's an update for you during these strange times the world is experiencing right now. Covid-19 has obviously had significant impact on many businesses across the UK and internationally. Many having to close, furlough staff, cease day-to-day activities or make significant adjustments. Yet AMX has been largely unaffected!

We felt it would be nice for you to see the team hard at work in their own environments and reassure you our customers that AMX is committed to keeping calm and carrying on, delivering high-quality services to our new and existing customers.

At AMX we are fortunate enough to have had systems and plans in place following our recent ISO9001 award, and were easily able to implement new protocols to ensure the safety of our team and the continuation of the business.

  • All our team members are equipped with laptops, monitors and wifi that enable them to set-up an appropriate home office and continue to work as normal.
  • We use Microsoft Teams to communicate internally with regular team briefings and status updates on work in progress being shared.
  • Our Account Managers also use Skype for Business for any other conferencing meetings.
  • Our online telephone system is set to call all individuals, as opposed to hunt groups to ensure your call is answered, and appropriately handled, as quickly as possible. If you find your call is not answered, it is likely all team members are engaged, so please do try again or send an email.

Being that a great deal of our work is carried out online, we still face some challenges and certainly domestic internet providers and the speeds they do (or occasionally do not) provide can impact on our ability to respond as quickly as we'd like, and we appreciate your continued patience in that regard.

Please, also be aware that a number of the team also have children at home and are juggling the day-to-day home schooling tasks in addition to work. Many are sharing the responsibilities with their partners but this is not always straightforward and again we appreciate your patience where occasionally little-ones can be unexpectedly disruptive!

Being aware that 99% of us are all in the same boat at the moment, this is a good opportunity to promote collaboration, honesty and teamwork and clear lines of communication. We look forward to continuing to support you from our various locations and be assured we are all in this together. As always our support team are happy to help you with any queries or questions you have and they can be contacted via

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