Asset Management Software

March 2019: New Case Study: East End Crossing, USA & WVB Partners

Ahead of our visit to Bridges 2019 this week we're excited to be able to share our latest case study.

Working with WVB Partners on the concession between two different state transport departments on the design, build, finance and operation (DBFO) for the new East End Crossing, AMX delivered a fully operational and complaint CMMS (computerised maintenance management system) within 2 weeks. Since it's launch the number of man hours spent on reporting as been reduced by over 80% (and continues to fall) due to the intuitive tools within the system aiding on-demand and scheduled reports. All parties have unique access to their own dashboards supporting transparency and performance monitoring.

Joe Meyn, Walsh Infrastructure Management (Project Manager) WVB (Operations Manager) says about the project, "AMX is user friendly, customisable and all in one source. AMX has replaced our previous admin burden and justified our decision to switch systems despite the cost implications. AMX proves to be much better value over the contract period and reinforces our commitment to ensuring the continued success of the project."

You can read the full case study here: