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Incident Reporting

While working across many sectors, a common requirement identified was the need to capture and control asset maintenance as a result of external and unexpected factors. As such AMX has been developed to include the ability to record and process 'incidents'. These 'incidents' can and do take many different forms depending on the asset, sector and also the required output of the information being gathered.

The Incident Management function within AMX for Asset Management, has the added benefits of use on Mobile devices for immediate data capture on site, providing supplementary information associated with incident reporting, such as simple printouts, or using the advanced API feature to display key facts and status to third parties for informative purposes.  

AMX has also been configured so that the Incident Management Tool can stand alone as a solution and be applied beyond asset management for pure logging, documentation and analysis purposes of any incident or event.




Watercourse blockages
Capturing accurate information from inspectors or directly from the public about blockages and co-ordinating a rapid response to reduce potential risks.

Service requests and defects from customers, for example: potholes
Capturing the location, size and details of the defect and log information of the reporter. Scheduling investigation of the report and processing the maintenance requirements, including providing a direct update to the reporter where required.

Environmental incident management
Capturing detailed location, history and assets affected by the incident. Analysing incidents to identify trends and potential prevention strategies.

Accident response
Including controlling immediate 'make-safe' activities and planning longer term repair requirements. Recording details of parties involved, any emergency response, pictorial evidence and other relevant details.

"Protecting Wales’ people and the environment from things like flooding and pollution is an important part of what we do in Natural Resources Wales. We are a Category One responder under the Civil Contingencies Act and receive over 8000 reports every year. This means we need a system (Wales Incident Recording System) that can record and track our response to incidents to reduce their impact on people and the environment.
The system, developed by AMX Solutions, also means we can record our time, costs and actions to ensure those responsible, and not the taxpayer, foots the bill under the ‘polluter pays’ principle."

Mike Thomson, Incident and Emergencies Training and Systems Manager, Natural Resources Wales



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