Asset Management Software


AMX prides itself on providing a high quality asset management solution to suit any asset classification and customer requirement. This includes working with organisations from multiple sectors with a need for managing a variety of unique assets. Operating across a wide range of market sectors in the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle East we ensure our customers needs are understood.


Local Government

Manage physical infrastructure asset data across multiple departments and management levels through an easy-to-use, adaptable solution for day-to-day operations and strategic KPI reporting


Consultant Civil Engineers

Multiple client requirements managed on one platform with powerful core functionality combined with client specific requirements to deliver your services efficiently and cost-effectively.


Civil Contractors

Operational functionality to meet the customer requirement supported by tailored reporting and KPI measurement to ensure compliance and cost-effectiveness.


Government Sponsored Body

Delivering products that meets the needs of all management levels whilst supporting day to day operations and helping you to achieve and prove value for money.


Our clients are our best advocates for demonstrating the success of AMX

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What our customers say


"The staff who have been involved in the testing of AMX have found it more user friendly and intuitive than previous systems with a user interface that is better and easier to navigate."

Andrew Stevenson, Asset & Programme Manager, Scottish Canals


“AMX is brilliant. It has improved the way we work, we are much more efficient. Linking photos to defects on site has saved back-office work with digital cameras and word documents, now defects are simply emailed to different departments through AMX – we should have done it years ago!”

Nicola Bound, Section Leader, Asset Management,  City of Cardiff Council


"Compared to other structure management systems this is so flexible and adaptable to what you need, in my opinion it is by far the market leader, especially the ability to manipulate things, maps, photos and the bulk edit tool, which are amazing. We find that AMX Solutions listen to us and understand our sector. We feel completely in control."

Antony Roberts, Highways, Capital & Structures Engineer, Powys County Council


AMX has provided a system that is more than capable of achieving what we require, and with the help from AMX Customer Service and Support who are more than happy to help, we are continually adapting AMX to suit our requirements and improve our services..

Gavin Pritchard, Network/Highways Engineer, Pembrokeshire County Council


Owner-specific requirements have always forced compromises with “one size fits all” applications. The flexibility of AMX to use one common system while managing a wide range of asset types and presenting different data views and reports specifically tailored to each individual contract is a significant benefit.

Randy Morgan, Walsh Infrastructure Management


The Asset Management Team have been glad to consolidate the number of systems, with AMX providing the flexibility and ability to evolve the service as needed. The usability of AMX has enabled us to improve our service and make significant savings for our client.

Richard Perkins, Balfour Beatty Living Spaces, Herefordshire Council


AMX offers both Authorities a powerful and flexible system to manage all our highway asset requirements. This combined with excellent customer support puts the product head and shoulders above the competition.

Antony Roberts, Highways, Capital & Structures Engineer, Powys County Council


"We have found AMX so flexible and simple to customise, that whilst it was purchased to support operational assets, we are now rolling it out to our Mechanical & Engineering (M&E) and Estates departments as well"

Andy Fletcher, Asset Inspection Manager, Scottish Canals


"Allowing our inspectors and engineers real-time access to data in the field gives the business a new communication tool which enables immediate visibility to information and prompts a proactive response."

Andy Fletcher, Scottish Canals


"The AMX team really took the time to listen to our needs and processes and ensure that the software would deliver all that we needed with minimal disruption. Its ease of use and scalability ensures it will continue to deliver and grow."

Andrew Wadsworth, Norfolk Highway Bridges team


“It’s been a refreshing change working with Will. I wish all 3rd parties were as helpful and as easy to get along with as AMX has been. Certainly bodes well for the future of AMX”

Dave Shields, Contact Services Development Team, City of Cardiff Council


The best feature of AMX is its flexibility. We can record data and calculate fields in the way we want, manage our risks, plan our routine works and major projects, make evidence based bids for maintenance budgets and capital funding and keep the politicians and the public informed. Customisation is easy – you can really adapt it to fit your organisation’s needs.

Paul Salmon, Asset Manager for Highway, Harbour & Coastal Structures, Department of Infrastructure, Isle of Man