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Bridge Management eXpert

Bridge Management eXpert (BMX) was our original, world class, asset management package, widely adopted by Local Authorities and government contractors across the UK, Europe and the Middle East for the comprehensive management of stocks of bridges, retaining walls, signs, tunnels and any other related assets.

As of 2018, all BMX customers have been upgraded at no additional cost to our latest generation platform, Asset Management eXpert (AMX), which provides all our reknowned bridge management functionality but has the added benefits available from using the latest technologies, such as our user customisation toolkit, flexible, powerful reporting and connection to AMX Mobile.

Bridge Management System

Our AMX for Bridges and Structures solution is a world class bridge asset management package used both in the UK and internationally. It gives you all the tools you and your organisation need to maintain a stock of bridges, retaining walls, signs, tunnels or any other asset you can think of.

AMX is highly customisable, extendable and translatable, containing the latest in GIS technology and supporting all industry standard data formats and more, e.g., ESRI, MapInfo, Intergraph, Bentley, Lizard Tech, ERMapper etc.

Data collection and inspections are made easy with AMX Mobile for all portable devices including any Windows Laptop, Tablet, Android or iOS device.

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