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Customisable Asset Management Software

Our system is already designed and configured to have all the functionality you will need with a highly user-friendly interface. However, we recognise that no two customers are the same and at AMX Solutions we strive to work with our clients to ensure they get the solution they need, when they need it.

Whilst you are always able to tailor the system yourself to meet new or changing requirements, sometimes you need a bit of help to make the most of your system.

The AMX team are on hand with our customisation and consultancy service. Whatever you want to be able to do, whether it is a major bespoke requirement for unique functionality or a tweak for an existing system wishing to make AMX meet local policies and procedures, our team are happy to help.

Examples range from a complete system design and configuration for a client to manage rental properties, to the addition of a bespoke project management module to meet a local government department’s Project requirement.


Made to fit you

All customisation work is built on the proven, stable, effective asset management database solution that is AMX, so you can be confident it delivers against best practice for asset management and means that those principles can be applied to any asset type.
Right from the outset our team work with you to identify the project scope and requirements to ensure a complete and agreed understanding of the objectives and outputs needed.
Experience tells us that it’s hard to get every detail right from the beginning. Our support team are committed to supporting you and your solution, refining and evolving as needed for long-term success.
The flexibility and support provided by the customisable features of AMX mean that it can be adapted to suit your needs and wants, even when they change, evolve and grow over time.

"The best feature of AMX is its flexibility. We can record data and calculate fields in the way we want, manage our risks, plan our routine works and major projects, make evidence based bids for maintenance budgets and capital funding and keep the politicians and the public informed. Customisation is easy – you can really adapt it to fit your organisation’s needs." 

Paul Salmon, Asset Manager for Highway, Harbour & Coastal Structures, Department of Infrastructure, Isle of Man

Standard built-in customisation features


Corporate Documents

The AMX system includes a number of pre-configured templates to assist in the quick production of documents to support day-to-day operations, however we know that every customer has their own requirements so we include our fully customisable document creation tool. Your reports can include anything from corporate branding, data from the system, images and charts to simple textual information to create either your own templates or unique one-off documents, all from the one system.

Customised Forms

Although the system already has a comprehensive suite of forms for capturing and editing asset information, customers can edit these pre-configured forms or generate their own using the simple customisation tools included with the solution. With our support you can create a system which mirrors your current or ideal business practices for swift implementation and rollout and ease of staff training.

User Defined Fields

The AMX system has all the data fields a customer needs, pre-set in the solution. However, we know you may want more or you may wish to rename those fields already in place. Therefore, the AMX system allows users to quickly define their own fields using our suite of options including dropdown lists, text fields, checkboxes, images and radio buttons to name a few.

Set up your Actions

We can help you to generate any number of Action records to support your Inspection and Maintenance plans, including detailing every aspect of elements to be included and tasks to be completed for each activity.

Customer Branding

Give your product the corporate image. The AMX system allows users to set their own login and home screen images and branding providing the corporate image you desire.

Catalogues and Lists

You decide how to group your assets! We know that some organisations have a few hundred assets, and others a few hundred thousand so whether you want to identify specific assets by their location, their ownership or any other feature, you can set up your own lists and catalogues to manage assets quickly and effectively. 



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