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About AMX Solutions Ltd

Formed in 2004, AMX Solutions Ltd (formerly Infrastructure Asset Management Ltd (IAM Ltd)) is a well-established, independent, UK-based software development company specializing in the development of enterprise asset management software solutions spanning a wide range of market sectors.

The company developed the internationally renowned BMX Bridge Management software, currently used in multiple sites in the UK and internationally in Cyprus, Lithuania, Albania and across the Middle East. All AMX Solutions Ltd Customers are fully supported with our high-quality consultancy to provide a truly comprehensive service.

The software, Asset Management eXpert (AMX), is the latest generation solution from AMX Solutions Ltd. Building upon the complex functionality of BMX, AMX is designed using the latest technologies to provide a more flexible, mobile, agile, high performance and high-quality asset management solution to suit any asset classification and customer requirement.

All products are supported by our dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic team to ensure customers have the right solution for their needs. AMX Solutions Ltd is a company committed to ensuring we provide the best asset management solution. We have the passion and expertise to enable us to deliver software faster, better and with an unmatchable return on investment.




Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, best value physical asset management software that really meets our customers' requirements. We focus our resources on product development and offer responsive customer support to ensure our solutions are powerful enough to deal with all your functional requirements, yet flexible and innovative enough to handle those little changes you need, to make the software really suit your operations. Positive word of mouth praise from our satisfied users demonstrates the high level of success that we can offer with our world class Asset Management eXpert (AMX) system.



With expert professionals from a multitude of disciplines on board, the company set out, in 2004, to provide software solutions for the management of large-scale infrastructure assets; primarily bridge asset management. Working closely with local authorities and infrastructure asset management consultants, we developed a comprehensive, robust and cost-effective system to manage and maintain a stock of bridges, retaining walls, signs, tunnels and other associated assets.

The resultant product, Bridge Management eXpert, is now a well-established and respected product in its field both in the UK and overseas. AMX was developed in 2010, to harness the power of latest technologies and provide customers with a more customisable and powerful system.

With AMX, we give control to the customer to ensure, with the support of our team, that they achieve the solution that meets their specific requirements, no matter what the assets, with the added flexibility to grow as they grow. As a result of the flexible, powerful nature or AMX, it is now being used in a variety of sectors including Ports, Waterways, Systems Management and Transport and Highways.



Management Team


Saeid Naelini
Managing Director

Civil Engineer and Bridge Expert with 20 years experience in the industry, including computer programming. As Director, Saied is responsible for the Strategy and Operations of AMX Solutions Ltd. Saeid oversees the international business, working in the Middle East and across Europe.

Will Thomas
Chief Technology Officer & Product Manager

IT developer with 15 years experience. Will oversees the delivery of user-friendly development, the technology know-how to make people’s demands happen i.e. make the system look and feel intuitive to each group of users that join, and perform to a high technical standard.

Karen King
Client Manager & Business Development Director

Karen had 7 years in the Royal Air Force as a Training Officer before running her own company as Sales and Support Director in the IT and training sector. With a Masters in Data Communications, Karen is a qualified PRINCE2 Project Manager and ITIL Service Manager. Karen supports clients to deliver high quality, tailored solutions to meet their asset management requirements.