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If you need help to manage flood risk assets, perhaps as a Local Lead Flood Authority (LLFA) needing to meet your statutory responsibilities, AMX can help. With its comprehensive inventory records, incident management tools, and powerful analysis and reporting functionality, AMX will help you streamline your operations and put you in full control of your flood management resources.


Key features

  • AMX has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Flood Risk Management, and as the solution provider to Natural Resources Wales, the following key features have been developed in line with industry best practice.
  • Comprehensive Asset Inventory Records – capture all pertinent information about Flood Risk Assets and underpin the required Asset Register.
  • Asset Inspections – schedule, record and analyse data from your routine condition inspections including details of time, equipment and resources required for completion.
  • PSRA (Public Safety Risk Assessments) – store all data from findings and schedule new installations, upgrades and repairs as required.
  • Incident Management – log incidents, enable quick reference to relevant assets in the area including exact GIS mapping, historical incident logs, last inspection dates and condition scores.
  • Enforcement – log land and asset ownership to support the enforcement of asset maintenance and log/record reported defaults/mis-use or incidents.
  • Manage Consent Applications – quickly record and manage all.
  • Ordinary watercourse Consent Applications for assets, including detailed locations and ownership of assets to enable accurate and regular monitoring.
  • Restriction Compliance – outline all relevant restrictions in place for an asset to ensure no breaches occur in routine maintenance scheduling.
  • PLUS ... Whole Life Costs analysis, financial planning and consolidated management reports.

Asset Types

AMX includes the standardised asset templates to fit with the national guidelines for recording all necessary data for the following Key Asset Types:

• Aids to Navigation (eg. Buoys, Dolphins) • Instruments (eg. Telemetry, field devices)
• Beach Structures (eg. Groynes) • Land (eg. Saltmarsh)
• Buildings (eg. Pumphouses) • Major Civils (eg. Piers)
• Channels (eg. Gullys, culverts) • PSRA (eg. Signs, fences)
• Channel Crossings (eg. Slipways, bridges) • Sites (eg. Reservoirs)
• Defences (eg. Coastal walls, embankments) • Structures (eg. Jetties, outfalls)

Bringing it all together

AMX is an easy to use, comprehensive system to manage  all of the assets involved in Flood Risk Asset Management. AMX ensures not only that all local authorities have the maximum knowledge about flood risk and prevention in their own region; but also have the ability to provide essential data to national agencies, as part of a collaborative approach to reduce the impact of flooding on wider communities. While incorporating a standardised approach to data gathering for this sector, AMX remains flexible enough for clients to tailor their system to support any local differences or unique requirements. Whether you need to capture an extra data attribute or generate your own reports, AMX puts you in control, giving you the ability to improve efficiency, plan budgets and provide solutions while increasing public awareness and improving safety.

Cardiff city aerial view

Scottish Canals get clear line of site with AMX

Case Study

Road bridge over a canal in Norfolk

Natural Resources Wales Flood Risk Asset Management

Case Study

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"Bringing together all of our Flood Asset information into AMX, will allow us to make better decisions on how we spend public money to maintain our flood assets to protect people and property from flooding."

Gareth Jones, Project Manager, Natural Resources Wales


“Bringing together all of our Flood Asset information into AMX, will allow us to make better decisions on how we spend public money to maintain our flood assets to protect people and property from flooding."

Gareth Jones, Project Manager – Natural Resources Wales

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