Asset Management Software

Getting Started

It's easy to begin the process of acquiring AMX for your organisation.

We have a simple to understand step-by-step onboarding system with helpful guides and information to ensure the involvement of all stakeholders at each and every stage. Whether we are part of your procurement process from the very beginning with a Tender Submission or you are scaling an existing version of AMX, our team are there to ensure the handover runs smoothly.

Step-by-step process


1. Order

Following the completion of a live demo to relevant stakeholders and agreement in principle of outline specifications and licences, we will request a Purchase Order. Upon receipt of the order a meeting would be arranged to determine the timescales and requirements of the project and create a strategic plan.

2. Set-up

Working with your team we define any unique requirements for your system beyond the standard AMX specification and implement customisation. We then take your data and complete an integrity check prior to import, querying any unusual data to minimise the chance for inaccuracies in the initial rollout.

3. Go Live

Once both the customer and account manager are happy, the system will be activated and the licence will be live. We can implement a mirrored service, where required, to ensure a smooth introduction, including staff training and testing of the software interfaces with other systems. We will provide supporting documentation and contract details, including terms of service and support levels. After approximately 3 months we will perform a health check to confirm the system is operating smoothly and assist in any additional ‘tweaks’.


All customers receive beginner Training at the Go Live stage either at their premises or in our own offices. To support the organisation's growth and scalability, training is also offered at intermediate and advanced levels as the user gains familiarity with the function and applicability of AMX within their own organisation's culture and operations.

We also run a User Group annually which brings together users from multiple sectors and organisation types in order to share best practice.



If you want to know more about how Asset Management Expert can fit your organisation's needs,
drop us a line and we can run through a demo with you either online or face-to-face.


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